Job Seeker benefits

Skillnets is an enterprise-led support body dedicated to up-skilling those in employment. In the Training Networks Programme (TNP) 2016/2017, individual Skillnet networks will also endeavour to help reduce the rising unemployment levels nationwide by providing free training to jobseekers.

Irish Medtech Association Skillnet specialises in specific programmes for the Life Sciences industry but also provides programmes aimed at the wider manufacturing sector, including a wide range of programmes in practical maintenance, lean manufacturing and generic skills. Since January 2011, the Irish Medtech Association Skillnet has provided free training to the unemployed on their scheduled public courses. Places are limited on each programme and as the unemployed participant(s) trains alongside those in employment; the training provided should not only improve specific skills but also provide excellent networking opportunities.

Eligibility: If you are currently unemployed and fit the Skillnets definition of a jobseeker, you may be eligible to attend training with the network with no charge or impact on your social welfare payments or benefits. Click eligibility criteria for more details.

Whilst our key focus is on the needs of member companies, we also offer a limited number of FREE places to those who are unemployed and seeking to increase their employment prospects through up-skilling in relevant training.

Availability: The network operates a "first come, first served" basis for all course bookings in relation to jobseeker places. If the course you want to attend is full you will be added to the waiting list. Preference will be given to candidates who have not already taken part in training with the network throughout the year in the interest of fairness to everyone.
If you qualify and are interested in any of our courses, please register your interest online and we will contact with regards to the availability of free places.